Synergic Work Incoming New Goals for Higher Education Music Institutions

Various challenges still exists in the European Higher Music Education scenario: still different local approaches and curricula in the internationalization of music education can make reciprocal recognition of credits, diplomas and activities problematic, slowing a full deployment of the Bologna principles.

We need to enhance the current physical mobility (limited by time, budget and other constraints) and curricula harmonization, introducing new technologies to improve current methodologies. Creating new professional technology skills and educational approaches for teachers and students is just starting and needs a boost. The difficulties faced by qualified musicians in accessing relevant employment, requires a wider international approach in education. Students and teachers still miss a good blend with digital era technologies, which would help them to be more successful in their career.

SWING project code : 2018-1-IT02-KA203-048546
Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union


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