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  • to create a new professional profile: the technology friendly master level music teacher;
  • creation of a set of new learning prototype modules which use a mix of local and remote education;
  • development of a deeper transnational collaboration, which should compare, harmonize, fine tune e deploy joint activities resulting in a higher quality joint curricula;
  • enhanced quality of the international mobility model for students and teachers, supplementing the physical mobility with a continuous virtual one;
  • enhancement of distance learning technology platform (LoLa), uniquely tailored to teachers and students needs;
  • a more homogeneous PhD level Higher Education path among different education institutions in different countries.

Intellectual output

  • O1: Distance learning modules, Year 01: Solo instruments.
  • O2: Distance learning modules, Year 02: Chamber Music, small ensamble.
  • O3: Distance learning modules, Year 03: Music for Instrumental Ensemble.
  • O1, O2 and O3 have all two main goals:

    • to define, to test and adjust the pedagogical contents in view of a possible future joint curricula among institutions;
    • to be a testbed for LoLa and tools development, setting specific requirements for new implementations.
  • O4: LoLa and technical tools development
    • The new LoLa implementation will provide users with a set of tools and extensions specifically tailored for music education